Wellness and beer spa

Part of our second hotel (Beer hotel), which is located in the same area, just a few meters from us, is fully equipped with wellness, beer spa and massage. So just take a few steps and you will find yourself in a world of beer relaxation. There are changing rooms in the building, towels, bathrobes and slippers are available. We recommend booking your spa, bath or massage in advance, ideally by calling +420 724 901 874.

Beer spa

Beneficial effects of a beer bath

The beer bath is based on bathing in natural extracts from which beer is brewed - hops, brewer's yeast and malt. The high content of hop essential oils contributes to the relaxation of skin pores and overall revitalization. Brewer's yeast, thanks to its high content of vitamin B and active enzymes, has a beneficial effect on skin regeneration. Thanks to this unique combination of natural ingredients, metabolism is stimulated during the bath, harmful substances are flushed out of the body, internal and external tension, fatigue and stress are relieved, and thus a perfect mental and physical rest is achieved.

beer bath for 1 person = 890 CZK
beer bath for 2 persons = 1490 CZK

The beer bath, which lasts 60 minutes, can be enjoyed by up to 8 people at a time in four baths for two people. The baths take place in four private rooms, where in addition to the bath there is a relaxing lounger and its own tap with Zlatá kraáva beer. For groups, the rooms can be adapted into one large room. The beer baths have an unmistakable atmosphere in the old vaulted cellars that were historically part of the brewery.

You can book the spa by phone at +420 724 901 874 or by e-mail info@hotelnepomuk.cz 

Beer wellness

A moment of rest

Wellness is a journey towards harmony of mind, soul and body. Our goal is to make you feel good and free from everyday worries and stresses. For this purpose, we have built a relaxation centre next to the Hotel U Zeleného stromu, where you will find a Finnish and steam sauna, a whirlpool, a Kneipp bath, a salt wall, an experience shower and a relaxation room.

A cloakroom with lockers and a shower is available for guests (even "non-residents"), they will receive a bathrobe, disposable slippers and a towel at reception and the entrance fee below applies. It is highly recommended to book in advance, reservations can be made by calling +420724901874 or by email info@hotelnepomuk.cz.

Price list for individual admission to the wellness centre 
(= single entry to the wellness centre with the possibility of using the Finnish sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, experience shower, relaxation room with salt wall and Kneipp baths)
1 hour - 390 CZK
2 hours - 550 CZK
3 hours - 700 CZK

Each additional hour for 100 CZK.

Private wellness

Enjoy relaxation in privacy

Do you want to relax in peace and privacy? The entire relaxing wellness centre can be rented just for you, whether you are a couple or a group... and no one and nothing will disturb you!

Price list for the private zone of the water part of the wellness centre for 1-10 persons:
(= steam sauna, whirlpool, experience shower, Kneipp bath)
1 hour - 1.700 CZK
2 hours - 3.200 CZK
3 hours - 4.500 CZK

Price list for the private zone of the entire wellness centre for 1-20 persons:
(= Finnish sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, experience shower, relaxation room, Kneipp bath)
1 hour - 2.300 CZK
2 hours - 4.400 CZK
3 hours - 6.000 CZK

Private wellness must be booked in advance, reservations can be made by phone at +420 724 901 874 or by e-mail info@hotelnepomuk.cz.

Massages, peelings, wraps

Relax and rest with us!

Relax with everything and put yourself in the hands of our experienced masseurs! A unique experience and relaxation - several types of massages, scrubs and wraps will surely make your stay more enjoyable. Massages are available in our neighbouring Beer Hotel, in the same area just a few steps from the Green Tree. 
To view the full range of massages, press the "explore" button, which will redirect you to the Beer Hotel website. 
You can make a reservation by calling +420 724 901 874 or by e-mail info@hotelnepomuk.cz .