Beer hotel through the eyes of the creators

Honest Czech beer, the smell of wood, beer bath, wellness, farm atmosphere, own organic meat... and much more.

At the end of 2018 we started a family project - brewery Zlatá kráva. From the very beginning we had a plan to expand the brewery with an unconventional hotel, which would be in the same spirit as the brewery itself.

We didn't do shit and we went for it! We were creating something new, unique. We wanted to allow you to experience beer with all your senses - in a beer spa, a world-class spa, in the brewery, in the garden... we set out to pamper our guests in the best possible yet unique way. That's why, as the icing on the cake, we have prepared the possibility to tap beer directly in the hotel rooms, which are equipped with their own tap! This is something that has never been done before, and that's why we are incredibly proud that it all worked out and you can come directly to us - the first beer hotel in the Czech Republic - for this experience!

Our beers have found their way to the hearts of many lovers of the golden beverage, the idea of the Beer Hotel takes them to a whole new level. The Beer Hotel is a reward for loyal fans of our beer, but also for those who want to relax, discover, taste beer specials or aged beef from our farm, entertain their kids on the playground... and for all the Cows and Beys who want to experience a whole new - beer! - dimension. We've pushed the boundaries of what the modern hospitality industry has to offer, creating an unparalleled beer experience.

The Beer Hotel was born and we cordially invite you to visit it!