Juicy roastbeef served cold with lettuce,  herb remoulade and fresh crispy baguette

125 Kč

Beef tartar with toasted crispy bread  (Served mixed according to our own recipe)

139 Kč



Beef burger in a potato bun with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon,  caramelized onions and vegetables served with delicate garlic mayonnaise sauce and chips

219 Kč

Grilled beef liver with potato chips and tartar sauce

169 Kč

Slowly roasted beef ribs with beer BBQ sauce, served  with horseradish, mustard, pickled vegetables  and bread

249 Kč

Beef tartar with toasted crispy bread (Served mixed according to our own recipe)

209 Kč



Rib eye steak

289 Kč

Beef fillet steak

339 Kč

Sirloin steak

259 Kč

Rump steak

269 Kč

Ball tip

229 Kč



Plate of domestic beef smoked meat with picled vegetables,  horseradish and mustard

99 Kč

‘Olomouc' smear-ripened curd cheese, wrapped in bacon and fried in  a beer batter, served with coleslaw

85 Kč

Hauspresse aus Rindfleisch mit Zwiebel, Essig und Brot  

69 Kč


BBeef broth with roasted root vegetables and noodles

39 Kč

Creamy dill soup with wild mushrooms and poached egg

59 Kč




Juicy beef and dark beer goulash with hot peppers, served with bacon dumplings

145 Kč

Mrs. Miller's Beef bottom round roast with creamy sauce made of root vegetable,  served with bread dumplings and cranberry sauce

149 Kč

Juicy pork neck steak roasted with caraway seeds and onion, braised cabbage  thickened with potatoes, served with potato dumplings and fried onions

145 Kč

Confit duck leg served with cranberry-red cabbage and homemade potato dumplings

199 Kč




Juicy supreme chicken with red wine sauce, served with mash potato

189 Kč

Pork tenderloin with wild mushrooms ragout and potatoes ,,škubánky”

229 Kč

Slowly roasted pork knee served with horseradish, mustard, picled vegetables and roasted bread

249 Kč

Salmon steak roasted with herbs and butter, grilled vegetables

239 Kč

Spätzle with grilled vegetables

145 Kč

Spätzle with mushroom ragout

289 Kč

Grilled sheep milk cheese halloumi with mash potato,  chickpeas ragout with chilli and mint 

189 Kč

Poached white amur raised in the close fish farm, cauliflower puree,  served with marinated root vegetables

239 Kč




Leaves salad with roastbeef and herbs remoulade

185 Kč

Caesarsalat mit gegrilltem Hühnerbrust

165 Kč

Gezupfter Salat mit gegrilltem Käse Halloumi, Kichererbsen, Chilli, Minze und Zitrone

179 Kč

Vegetables salad

39 Kč

Caesar salad with grilled chicken fillet

175 Kč




Chocolate souffle with whipped cream and wild berries

85 Kč

Apple strudel with custard and sugar walnuts

65 Kč

Quark cheese dumplings filled with nougat cream served with sour cream

65 Kč