ŠVEJK RESTAURANT „ U Zeleného stromu“


Our restaurant, bearing the seal ‘Czech Specials’, as the pilot project of the largest Czech franchising concept with the name of ‘Svejk Restaurant’ is focused on traditional Czech cuisine using only local ingredients coming from our own organic farm. 

  • Viennese breaded pork escalope
    Viennese breaded pork escalope
  • Fresh steak Tartare made from finely minced raw beef
    Fresh steak Tartare made from finely minced raw beef
  • Mrs. Miller’s Beef round in a root vegetable cream
    Mrs. Miller’s Beef round in a root vegetable cream
  • Duck confit served with red cabbage
    Duck confit served with red cabbage


The restaurant is divided into a classic Š?vejk?restaurant with a bar capacity of 50 seats, a non - smoking Art Nouveau café with 50 seats, Hašek lounge with 30 se ats; ? ?designed for smaller private events, and a summer garden with 70 seats overlooking the beautiful Nepomuk Square.

A prestigious ballroom is also a part of the hotel and is perfect for weddings, balls and other social events, including training courses or corporate events. 

Events calendar

Výběr neobsahuje žádné články.

Daily menu




Art Nouveau Cafe


The absolute pride of our hotel, apart from the the entire premises, is a non-smoking cafe in an Art Nouveau style, whose prestigious interior seats up to 50 guests and is ideal for wedding receptions and any other social events.






Hasek lounge


In case you opt for a smaller-scale social event for up to 40 guests, we have just the space. This private lounge was named after Jaroslav Hašek, and his grandson, Richard Hašek, was present at its grand opening in his memory. 





Summer Garden


In the summer months, we have regular barbecues on a terrace available to you, overlooking the Nepomuk surroundings and its local sights. 


Modern Czech cuisine combined with culinary and gastronomic events are the main qualities of our restaurant. Our gastronomy is based on a combination of classic Czech dishes with a modern concept and modern technology. Quality ingredients are the basis of our cooking therefore Angus, Galloway and Highland beef in organic quality comes exclusively from our farms in Ž?elezny Újezd?in the Brdy hills.

Švejk has pioneereed a project called Czech Specials, a quality Czech cuisine brand, and has become one of the top three restaurants in the Czech Republic focusing predominantly on Czech cuisine. We regularly organize gastronomic events in the series of ' The appetite of the Monarchy " such as Celebrations of oxen, Vagaries of potatoes, Field cuisine, Game, Šumava cuisine, Slovak cuisine, Upper and Lower Hungary, The cuisine of Moravia and Silesia, Havel's feast, Spring nostalgia, Christmas at the Viennese court, pig slaughter and so on.


Our meat and farm products

Our Argus, Galloway and Highland beef comes from our own farm in Zelezny Ujezd where the meat is from young bulls dry-age or wet-age from between 14 to 21 days. Amongst others, "Celebration of oxen" is regularly held at our restaurant, where our guest can taste various cuts of beef.

Recently we have also started to produce farm animal products that are sold on our premises. We produce fruit jams made of strawberries, blueberries, apricots, cherries, homemade pickles, demi glace. Seasonaly pork products and homemade cold meats and cheeses.